We as manufacturer of the Mega System are rapidly expanding our markets worldwide. The Mega System is already available in more then 20 countries.

Our 45 years experience in the pigeonsport and the most modern electronics are making
the Mega System the absolute number 1.

Since the introduction of the new Mega System in the Netherlands, it has grown into the worldwide leader in technology, innovation and performance.

Dutch Product

One of the most important facts is that all our products are directly made in Holland. Mega System has been developed especially for pigeon fanciers.
All our Mega clocks and antennas are being developed and produced according to the highest ISO standards.

Service and support
We as Mega believe that it is very important to have a good and professional working service
during the flight season and therefore we are the number Nr. 1 in service, technique and reliability.

At Mega we have the mentality of thinking what is the best for our fanciers and what we can do to fulfil your wishes!

Service and support is maybe one of the most important facts for a fancier! We therefore offer in many different countries individual local service points, because we understand it is impossible, for you as a fancier, to wait 4 till 6 weeks until your clock has been repaired.

Maximum performance

All Mega Systems are delivered with a 128 KB memory and a separate display light. With it’s 1000 pigeons and almost unlimited number of races and antennas connectable, the Mega System can easily be called the leader in technology and performance.

Professional and users-friendly software
The software is specially secured against hackers through the use of a number of unique software controles, which made this software the absolute number 1 in the world. The professional working Mega software is known for its high quality and has proven itself also in other countries.

We manufacture our electronics parts with the modern SMD techniques.